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Receptra™ Elite (30mg/mL)

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Step up your Active Living Strategy™ with an Elite level of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

  • Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids containing 30 mg of CBD per serving
  • Serving Size .8mL
  • Increase energy, focus, and fat burning potential with added Tumeric and MCT oil
  • Non-toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive
  • Available in 2 convenient size


Receptra Elite Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Organic Natural Flavors.


Take your Active Living Strategy™ to the next level with Receptra Active Lifestyle hemp flower extracts. Achieve unheard of mental and physical performance with naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, neuroprotectants, and a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids.

  • Receptra Elite and Receptra Pro both have added Tumeric (10 and 20mg/serving, respectively) enhances focus to keep you a step ahead of the competition. MCT oil increases your body’s fat burning potential.


For anyone who has taken his or her physical and mental activity to a higher level. If you experience muscle fatigue, soreness, mental stress, or simply demand more from your mind and body, Receptra Active Lifestyle will give you the edge that you have been looking for.


Receptra Active Lifestyle is thoughtfully created to assist your body’s pursuit of homeostasis by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system. Receptra Health and Wellness is derived from proprietary hemp genetics 100% grown on family owned farms in Colorado. We only use the highest quality hand-picked hemp flowerto ensure a premium and safe full-profile cannabinoid extract.


Simply fill the dropper and squeeze the oil under your tongue. Allow oil to absorb for 15-30 seconds, then swallow and enjoy. Adults may take 1 full dropper (approx 24 drops or .8mL) 2-3 times daily.